News - “Intercountry Business Incubators Network (IBI Net)”

The project “Intercountry Business Incubators Network (IBI Net)” supported by Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013, where State Enterprise "Scientific and Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic" is the partner has been launched in December 2009 The project meets to Priority 1 “Fostering innovations across the Baltic Sea Region” which “is focused on the facilitation, generation and dissemination of innovations across the Baltic Sea Region.

It is especially dedicated to core innovations in the field of natural and technical science but also to selected non-technical innovations, such as business services, design and other market related fields. It also supports actions aimed at broader socio-economic development at the regional level, especially in the context of cooperation with Russia and Belarus”.
The main objective of the project is promoting the cooperation of the business incubators in the BS region to develop entrepreneurship, foster innovation and technology transfer through establishment and strengthening of the transnational business incubators’ network in the Baltic Sea Region.
Among project partners are Riga Planning Region (Latvia) – Leader Partner, Riga Technical University (Latvia), Turun seudon yrityspalvelukeskus Potkuri (Finland), Stiftelsen Teknikdalen (Sweden), Technologiezentrum Fördergesellschaft mbH Vorpommern (Germany), Podinspektor ds.Europeskiej Wspolpracy Terytorialnej (Poland), Norway (TBD), Leningrad region Business Support Centre (Russia) as a associated partner. The duration of the IBINET Project is 30 months. The effective Intercountry Business Incubators Network , the system of transparent information exchange, the dissemination and implementation of good practices in business-incubation are expected as main results of the Project.

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