Demand - Development of the technology of clearing the sewage water going into the city’s sewage system of KUP "Minsktrans"

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Request annotation : 

From time to time samples of sewage water taken from the branches of "Minsktrans" exceed maximum permissible concentration of such components as SPAV, что такое? уточнить! oil based products, KhPK что такое? уточнить!, ammonium nitrogen, chlorides, phosphates, iron etc. Traditional methods of cleaning and clearing the systems of water drain do not ensure positive results. The problem demands using new technologies and equipment.

Key words: 

maximum permissible concentration, cleaning sewage

Request description: 

Development of the technology of clearing sewage water at the point of dumping in a city system using modern equipment and ensuring maximum permissible concentration.

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Estimated result of the request: 

To ensure dumping sewage water within maximum permissible concentrations

The offered field of application: 

Branches of "Minsktrans"

Currently used solutions: 

washing, cleaning

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