News - Belarusian precision sine-cosine converters of angular positioning are the leaders in the CIS.

The Belarus-Russian University has concluded the protocol of intentions with the Ural Optical Mechanical Plant (UOMZ) which provides for delivering the precision sine-cosine converters of angular positioning aimed at modernizing the infra-red imagers of the second generation. This development allows for reducing the size of the infra-red imagers 10 times simultaneously raising their sensitivity.

One of the Minsk based enterprises has already made an experimental batch of a product called OPTOSIN 1-64. The peculiarity of this development is that it is the only one in the CIS, belonging to so-called absolute type of systems, i.e. the device, for example, infra-red imager or a tank aiming system on which it is installed, is ready for use right after it is switched on, whereas existing matches (so called incremental systems) demand locating "zero" first (i.e. adjustment) after even short-term switching-off of power.
The Belarusian development has a wide range of civil application in the sphere of robotics and programmed machine tools. Being totally comparable with the foreign matches in quality, it is much cheaper. The principle used was demonstrated and received the highest assessments at the Moscow based Research Institute for Precise Machine-building. 
Under the program of the Union State of Belarus and Russia the developers appealed for the budgetary financing in 2009-2011 under the program «Development and implementation of thr products of dual purpose».
This and other developments of dual purpose were presented at the military salon MILEX-2009 which took place in Minsk at the stand of the Ministry of Education of Belarus, organized by Technopark BNTU "Metolit".