News - Technopark BNTU "Metolit" has signed the protocol of intentions with the Sankt-Petersburg Center of Innovation Consulting on co

Innovations data bases of Belarus High School and St. Petersburg to be united.

The first joint project has already begun. It is aimed at creating a joint
database of the scientific and technical developments and innovations which
will unite the system of the High School science of Belarus (represented by
"Metolit") and research institutes of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region
(CIC). For the Belarusian developers it gives a unique possibility of
entering the dynamically developing shipbuilding market of the Russian
Federation. Now negotiations continue on expanding the use of the Belarus'
technology of ion-plasma nitriding of metals where the priority of Belarus
in the CIS is unquestionable, as well as and Belarusian precision
sine-cosine converters of angular position, which have no analogies in the
Russian Federation are widely used in the hi-tech productions.