Water industry

Demand >> Development of the technology of clearing the sewage water going into the city’s sewage system of KUP "Minsktrans"

From time to time samples of sewage water taken from the branches of "Minsktrans" exceed maximum permissible concentration of such components as SPAV, что такое? уточнить! oil based products, KhPK что такое? уточнить!, ammonium nitrogen, chlorides, phosphates, iron etc. Traditional methods of cleaning and clearing the systems of water drain do not ensure positive results. The problem demands using new technologies and equipment.

Supply >> Cavitation based disinfecting of drinking water and sewage

The main purpose of the project is developing modern highly efficient and ecologically safe technologies of disinfecting drinking water and sewage; searching additional methods of the supply to the population of the disinfected water in the conditions of flooding, fires and other natural disasters from local reservoirs and sources; searching methods of preservation of water resources, water purification and water preparation; search additional, simple and reliable methods of disinfecting sewage of tubercular clinics, infectious and other branches of the medical centers, disinfecting and deodorizations of sewage from housing and communal services, pig farms, poultry farms and other animal productions. Medical aspects of replacing chlorination of drinking water with other methods of disinfecting.